2015 Entrepreneur of Faith Conference Registration 


“Wonderful! “Amazing!” “Thank you for connecting like minded believers!”

The EOF conference brings a wealth of knowledge and encouragement to inspire and equip entrepreneurs that are committed to doing business God’s way in practice, in stewardship and influence. The conference is packed with content to propel businesses beyond where they are to where they are destined!

Classes include: managerial, funding/finances, networking, social media, marketing, small business development etc.

Conference attendees consistently proclaim I am now inspired and prepared to do business in excellence!

The 2015 Conference will be held on December 12th at North Church in Oklahoma City. REGISTER TODAY!



Purchase your Vendor Booth for the 2015 Entrepreneur of Faith conference taking place Saturday, December 12th and gain access to over 300 entrepreneurs and business professionals!

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We are looking for sponsors for our 2015 Conference! We are so thrilled to be launching the third annual Entrepreneur of Faith Conference and the 2nd annual Lions Den Grant Competition. These awesome events could not be possible without supporters of excellence like you.

For questions about sponsorships, please call (405) 633-1827 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. See a snapshot of the sponsorship packages below.

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Lion's Den

Are you an entrepreneur willing to be thrown into a lion’s den of entrepreneurs? Stand before lions in business with your unshakable vision plan to win grant money for your business! Click here to learn more.








Entrepreneurship Track

April Dishon Barker - From Mental to Manifestation

Joan Curtis - Writing a Business Plan to Succeed

Basheerah Ahmad - Fit Mogul Entrepreneurship

 Luzeta Phillps - A Time to Prosper and Advance

Lissa Qualls - A Time to Prosper and Advance

Nathan Williams - "TAGD" Discover your Talents, Ability, Gifts, Desire

Angela Russell - Dressing for Business Success



Management Track 

Amber Williams - Accounting/Payroll/Bookkeeping as Key Components of your Management Team

Nerissa Berry - Protecting your business 360 degrees

Jonathan Veal - The Experience = Profit (Chick-fil-a model)

Valerie McMurry-Hopkins - Running a Business with your Mind, Body & Spirit

Nicole Smith - Building and Retaining a Great Team



Social Media/Marketing Track 

Tamara Walker - Pitching Your Story to the Media

Michael Hoang - Purposeful Social Media Marketing

Cindy Morrison - How to Build Brand Loyalty & Raving Fans

Dave Ross - New Media Technology & How to Use it  Trey Bodin - Giving for Profit & Lifestyle


Funding Track

Kevin Foster - Are You Financially Fit?

Della Dean - Understanding the SBA Loan Process

Kevin Moore - How to Package Your Business to Investors?

Dr. Shirley Clark - Think Like a Millionaire to be a Millionaire

Jennifer Edwards - Connecting People with Financial Resources



Legal Track

Larry Foster II Esq. - Importance and How to Trademark and Copywright


Tom Jones & Clint Smith- Nuts and Bolts of Starting and Running a Non-Profit Business

Chris Harrison - Understanding Buy & Sell Agreements



KidPreneurs Workshop

Denyvetta Davis - Exploring My Idea with Research

Darius Jackson - Mad City Money

Stephanie Price - Creating Your Dream Board

Nate Williams - Everyone is TAGD " Discovering your Talent, Ability, Gifts & Ability"

Alehia Mitchell - KidPreneur

Justin Williams - KidPreneur        




  8:00 Registration
  8:30 - 8:50 Music / Praise & Worship / Opening Prayer
  8:50 - 9:15 Opening - MC
Hour 1 9:25 -10:15
Hour 2 10:25 - 11:15
Break 11:25 - 12:00
Lunch 12:00 - 1:15 
Hour 3 1:25-2:15
Hour 4 2:25 - 3:15
Break 3:15-3:30
Lions Den & Closing 3:30 - 5:00


Workshops & Presenters  
Beginning Entrepreneurs - Ruth Experience  
1 TAGD - Discover your Talent Ability Gift Desire Nate Williams
2 From Mental to Manifestation  April Barker
3 Writing a Business Plan Joan Curtis
4 Dressing for Business Success Angela Russell
5 A Time to Prosper Luzeta Phillips/ Lissa Qualls
Legal - Deborah Experience  
1 Buy/Sell Agreements Chris Harrision
2 Looking for Trademark/Copyright Larry Foster II Esq
3 Nuts & Bolts of Starting and Running a Non-Profit                                  Moderator Tom Jones
  North Church Pastor Clint
Management - Solomon Experience  
1 Accounting/ Payroll/ Bookkeeping Amber Williams
2 Protecting Your Business Nerissa Berry
3 Serving to Lead = Profit (Chick-fil-a model) Jonathan Veal
4 Running a Business Mind, Body & Spirit Valerie McMurry-Hopkins
5 Building and Retaining a Great Team Nicole Smith
Social Media / Marketing - Paul Experience  
1 Pitching your Story to the Media Tamara Walker
2 Purposeful in Social Media Marketing Michael Hoang
3 How to build Brand Loyalty & Raving Fans Cindy Morrison
4 New Media & How to Use it Dave Ross
5 Giving For Profit & Lifestlye Trey Bodin
Funding - Abraham Experience  
1 How to Package Your Business to Investors Kevin Moore
2 Are You Financially Fit? Kevin Foster
3 Think Like a Millionare to be a Millionare Dr. Shirley Clark
4 REI Oklahoma (Connecting People with Resources) Jennifer Edwards
1 Exploring My Idea with Research Denyvetta Davis
2 TAGD - Discover your Talent Ability Gift Desire Nate Williams
3 Spending Wisely Darius Jackson
4 Creating a Vision Board Stephanie Price
5 Exploring starting your own non-profit Sache Primeaux
6 A Time to Prosper Luzeta Phillips/Lissa Qualls
7 Justin Williams - KidPreneur  
8 Alehia Mitchell - KidPreneur