Meet the Visionary

Through her personal struggle to find herself following the aftermath of domestic violence, Lisa Baldwin founded a non-profit organization (501 c 3)–Wonderfully Made Foundation, which encompasses the Wonderfully Made Foundation Homeless Home, the Wonderfully Yours Clothing Closest and Toiletry Pantry, and Empowered Family of Companies.. Mrs. Baldwin has educated many individuals in the community through avenues that include: stage plays, workshops, and many community events concerning domestic violence education. Her play on domestic violence, MirrorMirror on the Wall,was translated into the Spanish EspejitoEspejito, which premiered on October 19,2012 as Oklahoma’s first Hispanic stage production.

Lisa Miller Baldwin passed away in the fall of 2014. The legacy she left behind is one that must continue on. She was a woman of outreach and entrepreneurship, often combining the two to bring change to the community. She was sincerely dedicated to Empowering others to live life to the fullest. Her life’s motto was to “Embrace, Impart, Empower.” Mrs. Baldwin, the humanitarian, community activist and educator whose heart’s prayer is one we’ve adopted as our own: to help others to succeed and see themselves as God created them; “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.”

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