Lion's Den

Are you an entrepreneur willing to be thrown into the proverbial/literal lion’s den? Although lions are very territorial and can annihilate you with a
mere paw, are you willing to yet stand before them with your unshakable vision plan and unwavering faith, risking it all to see your business flourish
and thrive? Daniel was faithful in business and faithful to his God! Because of his GREAT faith, God shut the mouths of the lions! Can your faith and
your vision shut the mouths of our lions? The Entrepreneur of Faith Conference’s Lion’s Den consists of a panel of seasoned successful business owners (Lions) who will hear pitches of the best “vision plans” from some the brightest entrepreneurs.

These entrepreneurs who dare to enter the “Lion’s Den” must try to convince our skilled and successful business owners to vote for them for
the scholarship that will jumpstart their business! The concept is modeled after the hit TV show Shark Tank. The Shark Tank seeks to get a bite of your business. The Lion’s Den seeks to enlarge your territory by EMPOWERING entrepreneurs with start-up cash and/or sustainable cash flow along with expert advice and training. The winning entrepreneur will also win a FREE 1-hour consultation from our expert of lions that will aid in propelling their business beyond the den into the castle of faithful stewardship and other prizes applicable to their business.

Lion’s FREE toolkit offerings:

  • Training on business and commercial awareness
  • Networking and presentation skills
  • 1 hour FREE mentoring by a successful business
  • And more!

EOF Lion’s Den will give 5 new and existing entrepreneurs an opportunity to present business ideas to some of Oklahoma’s most respected Christian

Candidates must submit an application to EOF Executive Team by November 12th.

Of the applications submitted, 5 finalists will be chosen to compete for three Lion’s Den Grants at the EOF Conference on December 12th. These finalists must present a thorough, detailed, and passionate vision plan of their business before the Lions. All Grants are cash prizes and the first place winner will also be awarded the title “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

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Cindy Morrison CEO & Strategist Mark Temple Business Executive Trina House Business Owner Paula McDade Speaker/Author/CEO